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Tabcorp brand launch

Tabcorp Group came to the We Are Unity team after a recent merger. Their goal was to evolve their brand and bring their new organisation together. Not only by creating a new narrative to connect their people to the company's vision, purpose, values and strategy, but also by strategically thinking about how to launch it and embed it in the business.


Project background

Tabcorp Group is a new entity, born out of the merger of Tabcorp and Tatts. The Tabcorp name remained and with it a strong connotation with wagering and racing. To reflect a broader business, the Group wanted to give equal weight to its three newly formed businesses areas: wagering and media, lotteries and keno, and gaming services.


Setting the Goals

As with most mergers, a key risk was culture: people feeling insecure or disconnected from their organisation and each other. To tackle this, the executive team’s strategy called for communications with cut-through; building and leveraging brand pride to drive engagement and belonging, while unifying two businesses and employees all over Australia.

— strategic must-haves

1. For our people to feel proud and excited about working for Tabcorp – what we stand for and where we are going
2. Emphasise the possibilities of a new business – unlocking potential
3. Communicate four new people-first policies – driving engagement
4. Value creation – confidence that we are growing
5. An explicit commitment to innovation and thought leadership
6. Tabcorp can be a positive influence on country and community – amplify commercial social responsibility.



Project development

This project started with the development of four new policies, centred on the employment experience. Building inside-out, these became foundation brand experiences, and extended to influence overall business goals and creative identity.

— deliverables

1. Internal communications strategies and creative campaigns for four new employee policies – Parental Leave, Inclusion and Diversity, Domestic and Family Violence Support
2. Brand narrative and attributes
3. Brand launch campaign
4. Brand launch event and multi-location team off-site



Launch event

After setting the basis of the Tabcorp Group brand, we looked at the best way to communicate and embed it with their people. This big moment arrived through a big broadcast event that was live-streamed to teams in locations all over Australia.

— the brief

How can we launch nationally to 4,500 people and retain intimacy in an exciting way that expresses the brand and creates cut-through for our messages?