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Metatrust web transaction platform

Metatrust challenged the market by introducing the digital exposé. Being already a fully functional step of the transaction process, I have conducted an extensive internal and external research to better understand this crucial part of the global sales funnel.



Project background

Founded in 2019, Metatrust is a proptech startup that disrupted the real estate market by offering digital B2B interaction solutions and a safe bidding process. Metatrust combined the industry-specific expertise in global sales consulting with the efficient state-of-the-art technology. Currently focused on the DACH market, Metatrust portfolio comprises mixed-use assets in prime locations and building plots with project developments for extensive residential areas. Traditionally, such assets are privately shared via email in a PDF document, but Metatrust challenged the market by introducing the digital exposé.

Therefore, this research aimed to understand how the users are currently navigating through the digital exposé and the Metatrust platform overall. To recognise the user’s behaviours and find out what’s working well and existing challenges, and identify future product opportunities to improve the user’s experience.



Setting the goals

The research goal of this project was to gain deeper knowledge on how to structure and display the content of a digital exposé in a more valuable and engaging way for the users. Aiming to understand how digitisation can take the global transaction experience to the next level.

— my research framework

User testing and interviews — To understand how user’s navigate through the digital exposé and what information do they value the most.

Product data analytics — To validate research findings and look deeper into our external user’s experience with the digital exposé.

Benchmark and competitor analysis — To understand our competitors’ online presence and how other platforms are displaying and structuring complex information.

Research findings workshop — To prioritise findings by balancing what can bring the highest user value while requiring the least organisation effort.



Project development

While mapping the digital exposé navigation, we ended up finding a larger bottleneck at the beginning of the funnel that was causing more than 50% customer drop-off. With that insight in mind, we dug deeper into our data analytics to better understand why that drop-off was happening. This iterative process uncovered the opportunity to re-designing the beginning of the customer journey.

— new research questions

1. How can we help the user find all the information he needs in the least time possible?

2. How can we add more value to the digital exposé (over the traditional PDF) so that we can achieve great user engagement and willingness to choose the METATRUST platform for their investment transaction?



Product roadmap 

The research findings workshop raised a lot of questions and came to challenge not only the current user journey of the transaction platform but also the overall product roadmap. Therefore, I have clustered all the discussed hypotheses and proposed to address the 6 most important findings across 3 phases. Where Phase 1 would look into the first step of the user journey funnel and the digital exposé quick wins. Phase 2 would look into the platform main navigation and the dual market view – Buyer and Seller. And Phase 3, a longer-term solution that would review the overall structure of the digital exposé and the product communications.

— what I kept in mind

1. The current user journey and improvement opportunities
2. User value and product efficiency
3. The digital exposé benefits over the traditional PDF



product implementation

When I joined Metatrust their vision was to be part of every global deal by 2025. And although they had a fully functional transaction platform, its development was still at an emerging phase, with significant room for improvement.

Alongside with the research project, I have also contributed to shape a more efficient product by proposing and implementing several design solutions to help users have a smoother journey.